Missing Roof Shingles?

In the general structure of almost every type of housing unit in the world, it’s safe to assume that the roof is the most vulnerable structure of your home as it is the most exposed part of the house and takes the brunt of the punishment that Mother Nature incurs from time to time. May it be the heat or the cold, the rain or the sun, the snow or the hail, your roof is the one responsible in shielding your home and protecting your from all these things. But when it gets damaged to an extent, some of its parts may be removed. One of these parts is the roofing shingles that serve as the layer to the roof. This is usually the case during strong winds when the shingles just loosen their grip and then fly off. But what happens when roofing shingles are missing from the roof? Here are some facts.

Weakens the Structure of Your Roof

The layer of roofing shingles provides a durable protective shield for your roof. Once they’re missing or removed, the overall structure of your roof is weakened significantly that it can lead to additional damage if things like rain, heat or hailstorms happen. The layer beneath the roofing shingles can easily be damaged, making way for additional repair costs on your part.

Exposes Your Roof to the Elements

Roofing shingles provide a protective layer which encapsulates your roof. Without them, your roof is left exposed to the elements like rain, sleet and snow which can deal more damage now than when the roofing shingles were still adequately intact on your roof. Though at times there are only portions of your roof where the shingles are missing, these are usually the parts where damage is expected to happen because protection is now robbed from your roof.


Make Your Home Prone to Leaking

Since one of the roles that roofing shingles provide for your home is protection, having them missing lets water seep through the pores of your roof. Even the tiniest openings or gaps can lead to leaks inside your house and they are not pleasant.

Lowers Overall Value of Your House

If you’re on the side that has the desire or even just the thought of selling your house someday, having patches of missing roofing shingles isn’t a good sign. Generally, it lowers the property value of your home and just the mere sight of it isn’t really attractive for anyone looking to buy a house. It’s very unpleasant to look at and it shows a lot of things about you and your house. It can mean that you, as a homeowner, don’t take the responsibility of maintaining your home or how the house is made from low quality materials.  Load more